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Institute of Medical Emergency Education (I.M.E.E)
Improving Medical Emergencies Worldwide
The   Institute   of   Medical   Emergency   Education   (IMEE)   is   dedicated   to   preventing   death   and   disability   from   accidents   and   trauma through   education,   training   and   emergency   trauma   care.   The   Institute   also   provides   training   in   Hospital   Management,      Clinic Management,   Occupational   Medicine,Basic   and   Advanced   Life   Support,   Food   Safety   Management   as   well   as   Training   in   Hospital Computerisation systems. IMEE   courses   give   students   the   knowledge   and   hands-on   skills   needed   to   be   able   to   take   better   care   of   patients.   IMEE   stresses rapid   assessment,   suitable   intervention   and   identification   of   immediate   threats   to   life   as   well   as   the   management   of   emergency rooms, hospitals and trauma centres. IMEE   courses   combine   theory,   hands-on   skills   stations,   and   assessment   stations   that   put   subjects   to   work   in   simulated   scenarios. Each   IMEE   course   notes   comes   with   in-depth   content   written   and   edited   by   experts   in   the   field.   IMEE   courses   are   designed, managed and delivered by course directors, coordinators and instructors who are well versed in their various lines of expertise. IMEE   is   dedicated   to   a   leadership   role   in   improving   standards   and   training   for   Hospital   Management,   Computerisation,   and Human    resources.    It    also    trains    First    providers,    emergency    nurses,    and    emergency    physicians    who    are    trained    to    act    as coordinated   parts   of   the   same   team.   If   Emergency   providers   are   well   trained   and   obtain   quality   medical   direction,   the   patients   in their care will have a better chance of recovery. IMEE works hand in hand with the Malta Institute for Medical Education,  which provides postgraduate medical education in Malta.